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The Pit Bull Dog Breed

Facts About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are one of the most under appreciated and severely scrutinized dog breeds and continue to be treated poorly. This can lead to society shunning this wonderful dogs before they have been properly understood. Pit bulls are fun-loving, loyal dogs who are known for being a larger breed. With deceiving images of selective cases being presented by the media on a daily basis, pit bulls have quietly become the unwanted breed among dogs. This is concerning for those who understand the importance of pit bulls as dogs and what they bring to the table. Let’s take a look at what pit bulls are all about.

Pit bulls are highly intelligent when it comes to learning new tricks and getting acquainted with their environment. These dogs are born to learn and they understand what is needed to be done faster than most other breeds. (Pictured on the header above is an American Stafford shire terrier).

They will never be seen sitting around, not ready to learn as they are always eager to please. They want to make their owner happy and this makes them wonderful pets at home. They will rarely mope around and not be ready for a good challenge. They want to remain active and get challenged on a daily basis by their owner. They welcome such activity and are seen cherishing every second of it.

Great With Kids

This is an essential fact considering the amount of misinformation spouted by the media and related sources. Most individuals will feel pit bulls are savages and cannot be near children or those who are vulnerable. Yet, this is false as pit bulls are wonderful with children and are great pets to have at home.

The only reason pit bulls might come across as being aggressive is because of their ability to go to any lengths to protect their owner. They are loyal and want to keep their owner safe. Yet, with the right kind of training, this can be controlled just like any other breed. It is with owners who are bent on mistreating their dog that the pit bull can become violent and highly volatile. The blame lies more with the owner than with the breed and this is the case with any dog in general.

Pit bulls are great with kids and this is a proven fact. One should never hesitate when getting a pit bull even with children at home. Pit bulls are amazing and will keep the child happy for a long time.


This is one of their greatest traits and one all pit bulls are renowned for. They are one of the most loyal breeds available for those who want pets. They will do anything to please their owner and this makes them wonderful pets. They will go the extra mile to do whatever is required of them.

Until the owner is satisfied, the pit bull will keep going and this is where they end up being mistreated. With the wrong owner, a loyal pit bull can be pushed to extreme levels and this can make them erratic.


They are quite loving and will always be around to show affection to their owner. They loving being the center of attention and will do anything to make sure everyone around them is happy and smiling.

Pit bulls also have an innate ability to sense their owner’s emotions. They will begin to understand when the owner is feeling down or happy. This is what makes them such wonderful pets to have around. They will always be there for their owners regardless of what is happening around them.


This is another plus point for those who want dogs that are always up and ready to go. Want to go for a run? A pit bull will run for miles even when the owner might start to falter.

Pit bulls are well-built dogs that are known for being physically active and strong. They love physical activity and crave it more than most other breeds. They will never reject a nice, long run outside as this is what gets them going.

For those who want to take their dogs for walks on a continuous basis and have someone fun around to play with, pit bulls are the way to go.

Concluding Thoughts

Pit bulls have always been misunderstood and changing the image will take a long time. They are under appreciated by society, but are wonderful dogs just like any other breed.

With the right owner, they are amazing pets that are not only loyal, but friendly and constantly active. They will keep everyone at home happy for a long time and this is what matters most. A quality pet is of utmost importance and pit bulls get the job done and then some.

They are a great addition to any family and those who get a pit bull will never go to any other breed ever again.